The fashion department.

Hii Lovely people,

I am so sorry for kinda letting you down. I was/am so busy making again a new online webshop.
This time my own online fashion store The Fashion Department. So this means you guys can shop my fav looks and items. :O

We will have all kinds of new fashion musthaves and try to get the latest of the latest.
If you have an outfit you really want and couldn’t get.
We will make sure to find it as far as possible. You can contact me on the webshop with the inspirition or look you love.

Also we will have new collections every 2 weeks. And blog about every new collection.

you can take a look at: 


Love Jessica. X

Shimmer eyeshadows.


Hi sweety’s,

Today we have another blog about Make-up off course 😉
So like most of you guys should already know my webshop is all most 1 week online!
This was such an excited moment for me, to show you guys. I really hope you like it and off course no webshop is complete without a first discount code so if you want to shop till you drop, make sure you use my discount code: “Beauty” for 10% off ! 😮

Now enough about that, let’s take about make-up, with the first orders I had I also orded something for me to. (I know i’m guilty) & I wanted to share this with you guys cause I was madly in love with it.

So I orded the 9stack shimmers in pandera from bellapierre to test it out and the pigmentation of it was amazing.
And most importantly its stays really long ! (so for you party people these eyeshadow’s you need in life.)

The packaging looks like this:image_108302_2_720x600
I did a little swatch on my arm so you could see the pigmentation of it I just swiped it once with my finger 😮




And the best thing of these eyeshadows are that they not just eyeshadows, you can also use them as: Mascara, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, nail polish,.. Best buy ever!

Offcourse you can shop them at my webshop: Capelli Diversi


Love Jessica X

Statement: Choker Necklace


Hi Lovies,

Its been a long time ago. I know I’m guilty but it’s on a good cause. I was spending time on my new webshop wich is almost ready to go online, the launching date is on Sunday the 7th of august. I’m really exited to show you all where I have worked for. You can buy all kinds of make-up , hair extensions, hair statements ect.. I aint gonna tell to much 😉 Just stay tuned. <3

Also I want to thank all the people who actually cared about making my dream come true and who supported me all the way. I can’t thank you all enough. I’m here and I’m Doing the very best I can. And for those who don’t Believe in me ?? Just watch me going.

Now enough about the sentimental talks. 😉

Today I received my new pieces of fashion wich I havent worn in over more than 10 years. Yess you read it correctly 😀 As most of us will know or have seen all ready  the choker is back.
This necklace was huge in the 90’s.  Fashion is making a comeback and freakinn I love it, from croptops to all kinds of beauty and fashion statements.

There’s a good reason your favorite 90’s must have has somehow gotten huge again. It’s delicate, it’s different, and it adds a little bit of an edgy rock star vibe to even the simplest of looks.



I bought mine on a recently new webshop where you can buy all kind of fashion musthaves. The owner of it is Laura Bulzariello a young girl who follows her dreams.
If you like to shop as much as I do then definitely check out here webshop.
She also has A great fashion blog wich you can follow.



Love Jessica, X

Beauté de femme.


Beauté de femme does all your hair and make up in the same appointment if you want. For prices or more info you can send me a message.

Im at your service to make you feel glam all night long.

-Make overs.

Love Jessica. X

Liebster Award!


I was never expecting to get nominated for this, (honestly I didn’t knew it exist 😀 (still new)) So I want to thank Highbrowbliss for nominated me for the award I am very happy she did. And I highly recommend you to check out her blog, she likes to play computer games, listens to music & watch movies, but above that she’s kinda that typical girl who cannot live without all kinds of make-up and beauty hacks.

So aparently there are rules so here we go !

.. EXITED.. Continue Reading

Non-Touring new make-up trend for summer.


Summer is right around the corner, so this means temperatures start to rise. And its better to use a lightweight make-up instead of heavy contouring makeup.  we’re skipping that step entirely in favor of the new low-maintenance beauty trend: non-touring.

Now what does this mean exactly? Non-touring is a soft make-up look where  “You know you’re wearing it, but no one’s supposed to see it.”  First of all it is so much better for our skins, and lets face it no one needs a lot of make-up. Skin is getting darker so leave the contouring for now and go for this new and super easy trend.

Non-touring gives you that just-woke-up-like-this look that’s daytime friendly and plump looking.

Using a primer, tinted moisturizer and highlighter, you can achieve this soft, dewy, glowy skin in three steps.

  • 1. Start by using a primer appropriate for your skin type. Look for one with a dewy, luminous shimmer.
  • 2. Use a tinted moisturizer instead of a heavy, full coverage foundation.
  • 3. The last step is highlighting. If your skin is lighter, look for one with pink undertones and if your skin is darker, pick a bronze shade. Using a brush, highlight above the cheekbones, under the brow bone and down the bridge of the nose.

And we are done, told you this was going to be easy and fast and it looks amazing.

PicMonkey Collage


Love Jessica X

Models Wanted.

Beauté de femme is opzoek naar modellen liefst in regio Limburg. (aangezien shoot hier zal doorgaan)
Liefst dames die al enige ervaring hebben in het shooten de bedoeling is om echt beauty shots te creeren dus het worden allemaal portret foto’s van het aangezicht.

Iedereen mag zich aanmelden en eventueel de gegevens doorgeven via mail.


Het belangrijkste hierbij is dat je een “knap koppie” hebt.
Maten en dergelijke intereseren mij niet. Wel een verzorgd voorkomen Haar, gezicht, nagels,..
Het geen wat we willen proberen uitwerken zie je hieronder.



PicMonkey Collage

MOODBOARD, (not my pictures)


My top 3 hair trends for 2016

The new hairtrends for 2016 are totally rocking !

I absolutely love them, they look casual, easy going and it fits with everything. Perfect for spring and festivals (wich are very soon)

So I want to show you my top 3 favorite hairstyles for spring.

The first one is the insideout braid or Boxerbraid. I totally adore this look it has a femenine vibe and it looks awesome.


My number two is the half top knot /half ponytail hairstyle. This one I use often myself. Just because it gives you that little extra.

This one is pretty easy, you can choose for a half top knot like the first one I usually do it like a normal knot but smaller or a tight knot on the right.





And last but not least my number three the bandana hairlook. You can choose to do it with curls or straight hair, or even with a bun.





So I hope you like these hairdo’s as much as I do. Or maybe you don’t. The thing is most people are afraid to go out different then usual, but I say hey,  just do it ! Don’t be ashamed or afraid of what people might think. Life is too short to worry about hairstyles or even fashion styles, be you, you are beautiful in your own way.


Hope you liked it, Lovee

Jessica, X



How to stay motivated.


How to stay motivated ?

It’s difficult sometimes to stay motivated in things you want or need.
To stay healthy, to keep going, not to stop.. So what can we do to make things easier, to keep us motivated for going forward? In my case it depends on how I feel sometimes I am focused for a 100 procent other times I just am not. Continue Reading