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So I’m already back from Firenze a wonderful place in Italy. As you can read in my previous post this was a birthday present from my best friend, and we had an amazing time there. Our flights went peacefully, Thank god! :p but it was short as every vacation is. Of course :p hehe.

We had an amazing hotel: Plaza Hotel Lucchesi with the best and nicest people working there, they helped us when needed and they make sure you will have an amazing day from morning till evening, this was by far the best hotel i ever been. And most importantly they have an amazing view at the rooftop, I wish i could wake up their every morning.
As we checked in at our hotel.
You could already see how amazing the hotel really is.
They helped us very fast, gave us all the information we needed and showed us around.

The rooftop view at the Plaza hotel Lucchesi.
Amazing foods and view at Plaza hotel Lucchesi.
Relaxing with some drinks and a gorgeous view!

Thank You Plaza Hotel Lucchesi
for the pictures.

Of course we wanted to check out Firenze and we went to a little bar just around the corner named the italian bar for some coffee and dolce (dessert).
After some drinks and goods we went into the city to explore..

photo at the piazza della signoria

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After a little nap in the hotel we wanted to check out the rooftop vieuw so we did . And I must say that view was amazing. If you ever go to Firenze, Plaza hotel is definitely the place you need to be. You can relax, have fun, everything is close by and you can do it by foot.











Later on the evening we needed to eat something we where hungry so we decided to go to the Golden Views.
You have an amazing view at the Ponte Vecchio (as the name speaks for itself) and good italian cucina. Some great gnocchi with a good glass of the finest wine.


The view from “the Golden View”. Not my picture

They also have a cocktail bar were we went after dinner for some nice drinks. And that evening there was a buffet we could eat all night long. To bad we were already full of all the food we had eaten but it didn’t stop us to go eat some more. :p



So a couple of drinks and more food later we went back to our hotel to sleep. First night I slept like a princess. We waked up at 9.30am for breakfast in the hotel.

After breakfast we went back to the city to see some more Firenze.

By de ponte vechhio you saw some love locks also called lucchetti d’amore.  Legend has it that if you and your loved one attach a padlock to any surface of the famous bridge and then throw away the key into the Arno River below, your love will last forever. Millions of couples have come to the Ponte Vecchio for expressly this reason, to lock in their love and throw away the key for eternity.
But sadly they had to take them all down because Firenze decided to. There are some amazing pictures of it.

!not my picture!
not my picture
not my picture

When we walked by the love locks we went to Piazza della santissima.
The Piazza della Santissima Annunziata is one of the most beautiful squares in Florence. Arcades border the pedestrianised square on three sides. The central arcade forms the portico of the Santissima Annunziata church, which gave the square its name.

not my picture

when we walked by Piazza della Santissima, We saw some men drawing some amazing caricature  so me and my friend Kim decided we needed one also. (a funny memory of Firenze.)




This was our amazing artist of course I needed a picture with him 😉

I also had the amazing idea to get my hair cut in Firenze, Italians are great in all things they do, so I trusted them my life (hair :p) I went to Antica Tintoria Hair Lounge Salon.
Normally they work on appointment but Luca had the time to squeeze me in .
I really want to say thank you again and I truly wish I could take you to Belgium for doing my hair everyday. I myself am a hairdresser and sorry but not sorry many people fail to do my hair properly. So I took my change with Luca. He cut and brushed my hair and he made it look like heaven 😉


Picture of Antica Tintoria Hair Lounge


sorry for my duckface over here :p

They worked with some amazing products for hair called Organic way (O way). These products are all natural and they are the worlds first professional organic hair color, care and styling line.

Take a look at their website:

After I did my hair we went back to our amazing hotel to get ready for our last evening, so we dressed up and went for another night out. To bad I have no good picture’s to show you guys but we had a great dinner at a nice lounge and after went to a little club Bamboo for some night drinks.

Not my picture


Later we went back to our hotel got some sleep, woke up the next morning had some breakfast made our suitcases ready, had a little walk in Firenze and took the bus back to Pisa airport to wait on our plane to get back home 🙁 These 3 Days are unforgettable I had the best time ever with my friend and I really want to thank you again,  this was by far the best present anyone could give me !


I Love you babe thanks for the best B-day present ever<3



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Love Jessica X



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