Healthy Life

So today a little different then the usual make-up and beauty tips ūüėČ
I wanted to talk with you about a healthy life, It is very important these days to be healthy and live healthy. So good foods and good workouts are definitely not overrated.

Now I¬†honestly must say I’m guilty on the pleasures of life as well :p , I like food way to much and having a glass of wine or.. 3.. I Think it’s in ¬†Untill I noticed I was feeling miserable, tired, no energy to do anything, bored, useless. So I had to do something about it! I decided to change¬†my lifestyle and get back to work again. I used to sport all the time when I was young, but over time I stopped because of some personal reasons.

So since last week I started my new journey for a fit and healthy life. So everyday fitness is something I try to do. And it is going more than good, and I want you guys also to feel good and fit, so this is something I would like to share with you on monthly basis. If you have any tips or tricks don’t doubt it just share it. We all want the same so why not do it together?


not my picture.



Love Jessica x

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