How to stay motivated.

How to stay motivated ?

It’s difficult sometimes to stay motivated in things you want or need.
To stay healthy, to keep going, not to stop.. So what can we do to make things easier, to keep us motivated for going forward? In my case it depends on how I feel sometimes I am focused for a 100 procent other times I just am not.
If you want to lose weight keep in mind what you want, set a goal. What helps me personally is an old picture of how my body used to look. You can also use an example of “the perfect body”. Save it on your phone, place it on your mirror, your room, closet.. Just a place were you can see it daily.

If you don’t feel motived or if you want to eat “guilty pleasures”, take a look at the picture for extra motivation to keep you on the right track.tumblr_inline_mtvysdZH1b1qb1avn

Also it’s better if you do it in a fun way. So do things you like best. Most of the time I go with my cousin and we make a little competition of it. How many push ups can you do and we try to compete to each other . Or switching every exercise you do. You do 10 pull-ups and you’re team-mate does the same. Also motivate each other push yourself and you’re mate to the limit 😉 even if you don’t feel like going. Just do it. You will see you want to go more often and the motivation stays.

Music is another thing which helps me a lot it makes me go further, want me to go harder, faster, better.. There are a lot of fitness or training motivation songs that can do that to youre mind. If you feel like giving up just keep going it will get better! But try not to exhaust yourself do it on your pace. You will get there and you can do it. Everybody can.

And for those who are having troubles with good delicious foods like me 😉 I’m italian and god we love to eat :p I think many people can relate to this. But there are many ways you can eat healthy and delicious foods. And once a week I reward myself with a good cheat day  😉
Know that in the beginning you won’t see any results, cause it will take some time for you’re body to change and get used to your new way of life.
Don’t frustate yourself by stepping on the scale on a daily base, even on a weekly base.
Just go with the flow. After some time you will see it for yourself and others will to.




If you have any other tips to keep motivated please comment below.


Love Jessica, X

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